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There’s an army of designers out there (I used to be one of them) who are waiting at their laptop for you to call them and say “i’m bored of my logo, create me a new one”.

They will then proceed to grab your existing logo, make it look better so you can slap it on your website and carry on.

But you know as well as me, changing your logo on a whim is one of the most pointless exersizes you can do. So what do all these other companies out there mean when they say they’ve had a “Rebrand”. Why did they do it and why might you?

Let’s just be clear up fronnt, a rebrand is not just changing your logo or choosing a new colour palette for your website.

Your brand is the personality of your business. It’s how your customers perceive you.

So, here are some of the tell-tale signs that it’s probably time to rebrand:

#1 – Your customers perceive you differently

Does your customer base talk about you in a way that no longer aligns with the current vision of your brand? Customers will always be your greatest champion and your greatest critic, and if the way they perceive you does not reflect how you see your brand, then it’s time to change the narrative and rebrand.

#2 – Your brand is tired and dated

It’s not uncommon for brands to become tired and dated. Brand names in particular tend to get outgrown. It happens… after all what was cool 20 years ago probably doesn’t resonate with what your brand’s about today.

Remember Jif to Cif or Blue Ribbon Sports to Nike? Sometimes, a simple name change can better reflect what your brand is about in the 21st Century. Don’t be afraid to rename.

#3 – Your brand embarrasses you

If you cringe every time you direct customers to your website or when handing out company marketing material, it means you’re embarrassed by your brand. Giving it to you straight – you need to do something about it. If you’re embarrassed by how customers perceive you, there’s zero chance they will buy into you.

#4 – Your brand does nothing different to the competition

One of the things that grieves us most when discussing branding strategies is a business that says: “I want what my competitor has got”. *Sigh* Why? There’s no one size fits all when it comes to branding. Can you imagine Nike’s marketing team saying “hey, let’s be more Adidas,” or Apple saying: “make us like Microsoft”? Not a chance.

Tell your own story and don’t be afraid to be different because in today’s marketing saturated world, making your brand standout is what’s going to take you places.

#5 – Your brand is boggling

Your brand needs a simple, easy to follow narrative that makes you distinctive. If your current messaging is as clear as mud, it needs a rethink. If customers can’t make sense of your messaging, and have to embark on a ‘Da Vinci Code’ style adventure to decipher it, guess what, they’ll lose interest.

If you need inspiration for reshaping your brand’s narrative, buy the book ‘Wired for Story’ by Lisa Cron. It will come in useful when rebranding.

#6 – You’ve merged with another brand

Two brands, two separate stories and like a marriage, they need to come together in unity. A difficult task, but there’s no escaping the fact that a rebrand will be needed in the event of a merger.

Establishing a core brand message is key in these circumstances, allowing you to maintain some of your identity while presenting yourself as a united front alongside the other brand. For an example of how this is done well, you should look into Disney’s merger with Pixar and Marvel.

#7 – Your brand has a negative image

Sometimes, rebranding is required to distance yourself from a negative perception of your brand. It only takes one bad concept or wrong move to lose all respect from your customer base. To get an idea of what we mean, you should Google Uber and Donald Trump’s Muslim ban.

This was quite the saga, and an example of when a rebrand is needed after facing a pretty scathing backlash.

#8 – You’re targeting a new audience

Maybe you’re looking to target a younger or older demographic, in which case a change of narrative will be needed. It’s likely that your existing brand won’t resonate with the audience you want to target, especially if they’re far removed from your current customer base. Rebranding is an opportunity to redefine yourself and reach a new audience.

#9 – Your business is expanding

Even just in the context of the UK, a different brand narrative might be needed in different cities. What works in Wolverhampton won’t necessarily work in London, so you might need a different brand strategy. Now, what if your brand expands into international markets? It’s highly likely that you’ll need to think about rebranding to suit country cultures.

#10 – You’ve simply outgrown your brand

Sometimes, there’s no seismic reason for a rebrand, it could come down to simply outgrowing your existing brand. Perhaps you were initially a family run business that’s grown into a medium or large-sized company and your brand needs to reflect that to bring in a higher calibre of customer. A rebrand is a good option under such circumstances.

The need to rebrand can creep up on any business. Branding should always be contemporary, allowing you room for manoeuvre to rebirth your brand, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, every few years.

Time to Rebrand?

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